Viking Weave

These handmade bracelets, chokers and panda logoconvertible necklaces are intricately woven from a variety of wire gauges and finishes. The weave is copper and either permanently colored or fine-silver-plated with an anti-tarnish finish. They do not and should not be cleaned to maintain their beauty.

The weave is the same as the Vikings used centuries ago to weave ropes out of gold and silver wire. These ropes were then stretched to make jewelry for powerful Viking leaders. The weave is very intricate and takes many hours to complete. The choker requires about 60 feet of wire and takes about 8 hours to make.

The chokers and bracelets feature strong magnets to make it easy to put on and take off. The interchangeable necklaces fasten in the front. Most can be worn with the pendant provided or with one of your own. Other designs include the traditional back clasp.

Viking Double Weave Necklaces: $60-$85

Viking Single Weave Necklaces $35-$45

Viking Weave bracelets $30-$50


Interchangeable single wire weaves $60-$75




















Interchangeable multi-wire weaves $65-80    









Back Clasps $60-85    









Viking Leather



























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